Jewelry Care

Aluminum: These pieces are easy to care for. If they get dirty or gunky some soap and water will fix them right up. They’re safe to wear in the shower, pool, or ocean, though I recommend a rinse after being in a chlorine pool or in the ocean just to remove any residue. Anodizing is a finish that has been added to the metal, so it IS possible for that finish to be scratched, but it takes some force for it to happen. If your piece gets scratched contact me and we’ll discuss the best way to fix it. Bright aluminum can sometimes leave behind a dark grey residue on your skin, due to the oils used in making the wire.

Bronze and Copper: These pieces will naturally oxidise and patina. Some people also find that they can cause a greenish coloration on the skin under where the piece is worn. This is all normal. If you get your jewelry dirty or gunky a simple soap and water wash will remove the dirt. Polishing regularly with a soft cloth will help remove body oils and air contaminants that cause the metals to patina faster. I recommend remove these pieces before going swimming in a pool or the ocean, but if you forget make sure you give them a good clean and wipe down afterwards. If you don’t like the color of the normal patina you can clean the piece with a jewelry cleaner, just make sure that the cleaner is safe for ALL the metals included in the piece. All bronze and copper containing pieces are shipped in a small ziptop baggie that also contains an anti-tarnish strip. If you store your piece in that bag with that strip in between wearing it will tarnish slower than if you just keep it in the open air.

Titanium: soap and water will take care of any gunk that might accumulate on these pieces. Anodized titanium can scratch if hit hard enough, but otherwise titanium is very sturdy and handles just about everything you could do to it. While it’ll handle chlorine or salt water I do recommend giving it a rinse afterwards.

Stainless Steel: soap and water and its good to go, same as with the others I recommend a rinse if worn in a pool or the ocean, but really it’ll hold up to just but everything you could do to it.