Pale Red Eye and Scale-Fall Ear Cuff and Earring set


Pale red and black ear cuff and earring set

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Pale red and black ear cuff and earring set.  The eye will glow and fluoresce under black light, and the eye will continue to glow in the dark for several minutes if allowed to charge in sunlight first.  The set includes one eye earring, and one scale-fall ear cuff-earring.  As pictured the cuff is set for the left ear, however it can be swapped to the right ear by request.  Due to the hand-painted nature of the components each of these is individual and will vary from piece to piece.

Made of anodized aluminum, hand painted aluminum scales, with a hand painted glass eye.  The earring post is gold plated stainless steel.

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which ear

Left Ear (as pictured), Right Ear